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a solution-providing company which is centralized in technology-based at the core, a company since 2013

TCS Memorable journey Since 2013

TCS were started as a company by two friends over the evening Teh-Tarik, who think that the automation solutions in the market shouldn’t be so complex and tough for end users to understand. TCS should be a centralized umbrella which should be able to give solutions, offer project services and manage a customer’s dream into a reality. These two friends then decided to start a company called Tech Central Solutions, a company built with technology as its center and never to deviate away from the ever-changing technology updates. It’s a solution-providing company which is centralized in technology-based at the core.

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Check out our youtube video presentation to know more about , and our office. Enjoy!

TCS was formed in 2013. It was 2 of the founders at the beginning and nothing else was going on. 2014 to 2015, Market research on products and different verticals of the market for Automation. 2016 we decided to bring in security solutions inside the same umbrella too. So, we started having CCTV solutions. 2017 and 2018 our staffs grew and we started doing loads of projects with different vertical markets. Semiconductors, Telemetry Systems, SCADA solutions, Automations, CCTV solutions and maintenance work. In 2019, we grew even further and started having developers in our company. We extended our wings of automation into software development as we realized the gap automation always has with software developers for solutions like IOT 4.0. 2020 – We started becoming Certified System Integrators for various SCADA softwares and PLC. Our growth in the market was a significant growth. The TCS team members grew, project value grew, so did the capacity of managing multiple projects at the same time successfully. 2021 – Partnership for distributorships for Reliance SCADA from Czech Republic. Projects in TNB sectors, Solar LSS. Strong Partnerships with Various Solar Companies were formed. Partnership with Ergotech Inc., in the USA to do projects together. Our partners’ channels around the world increased and we started executing projects outside Malaysia. We have done few projects in the Philippines, China and Singapore and from 2023 expanding the countries to more.

Different solutions for different vertical markets

With more than 10 years of experience in Malaysian markets, we have completed projects in many vertical markets successfully.

Our Solutions

TCS is one company for all types of Automation, Software and ELV Solutions! Our project team handles it all. One company fits all your engineering needs, from CCTV to network configurations, laying fiber optics, termination/ Programming PLC, procurement, project planning and implementation. We do it all under the TCS umbrella. Target achieved together as a TEAM. TCS has been trusted and done projects in various Industries and countries such as China, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia!

Our Valuable Clients in various types

Customers satisfaction is our top priority in delivering solutions

Partnership & Authorized Distributor

It is important for us to deliver the best outcome

Clients enjoy working with us, and we believe you’ll too

Feedback coming from our valuable clients

We understand you want to know few basics before reaching out to us?

TCS is a local company in Malaysia who has operations and projects outside Malaysia, such as Philippines, China, Indonesia and Singapore.  
TCS has MOF, BUMI status  with CIDB and other necessary licenses. 
TCS is an ICT company registered with MDEC for it’s foreign expatriate in software developing team.  

We often work with contractors who has won contracts and we are very comfortable working with them. In fact, we have signed many NDA’s with clients for various reasons and we totally understand and respect that necessity. Please call us today to share how you want to collaborate. 

Definitely we do! 
We love to teach and show how things are done. We have our team who can teach the SCADA systems, various PLCs and even programming for your IOT applications if you are very dedicated to learn! 

Great Question! We love to answer this question. TCS is a small company with a very clear goal in mind. We want to make projects as MUCH LESS HEADACHE for clients as possible. Our experience says that often it doesn’t work out well when for a simple solution, lot of companies or teams  need to integrate. 

Hence, we don’t outsource what can be done by us. We have our own electrical team, Network team ( with fiber optic capabilities and firewall) , SCADA Team, PLC Team, Software development team and even ELV team. So basically we are one roof  to deliver all. 

Definitely we do! We have clients in Philippines, Vietnam, China and Singapore. 

We at TCS we are always eager to take up new challenges and provide a solution which is customisable to client, meet their budget and backed up by our years of experience and knowledge. We are looking forward to expand our services in other countries soon. 

“Erash and his team joined my invitation to revamp and re-do the entire incinerator plant which was ignored and broken down. While we handled all the mechanical and electrical restructure of the layout and refurbish the plant, Erash and his team worked on the revamp of the control System. They delivered way faster then even the end user could expect. Their service was excellent, professional and very task orientated. I have continued working with Erash in more incinerator plants and future is looking great for our partnership.”

– Mr. Amirul, Bima Resources

“Erash and I worked out a careful plan to implement MES (Manufacturing Execution Plan) for our three steel pipe manufacturing plants. The MES project, which comprises three phases, has been completely implemented in all three factories from the year 2018 and finished at the end of 2021.

With a complete transformation into the digitization of the manufacturing system, our production data is captured in real-time. The behaviors and the performance of the machines acting to the different sizes of production are recorded accordingly.

The monitoring of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data, which relates to the Availability, Product Quality and Machine Performance, has enhanced machine and operation management.  All data is clear, easy to view and transparent. We will continue to work with Erash and TCS team for continuous development and betterment of the MES system.” 

 – Ir. Sh Chin, COO of Melewar Steel Tube Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

I have worked with Erash and his team for the last few years on our Incinerator Plant in Pangkor.
Erash and TCS team has delivered the project to us in a very tight timeline with excellent engineering knowledge background. Erash was able to give a proper solution-based approach to solve the matters in SCADA, PLC and the process in the plant. 
I am happy to work with TCS and look forward to working with them more in the future.

 – Athirah – AFES Senior Engineer Instrumentation & Control

Erash and his team worked with few scope in our Coara Marang Solar Plant with 100 MW capacity.
Erash and his team always delivered projects in time, responsive to technical enquiries and always responded to our queries in timely and professional manner.
I enjoyed working with Erash and TCS and i am looking forward to work with him in future projects. 

– Encik Bazli – Electrical Engineer- Sinohydro Corporation

I have worked with TCS in projects for web service application for data exchange between several Large Scale Solar plants and Grid System Operator (GSO). Erash and his team have always been responsive, flexible and able to meet all requirements set by the client. I am pleased with the quality of service & professionalism

 – Md Azizul, TNB GSO team